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The pilot policy of mutual promotion between e-commerce and logistics will promote the development of smart logistics nationwide
Author:B-smart Technology(Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Date:2020/7/17 10:04:29

A few days ago, we learned from the Ministry of commerce that the pilot project of collaborative development of e-commerce and logistics Express has formed a batch of replicable promotion experience in the past three years. In the next step, on the basis of further summarizing and refining good experiences and practices, we will issue relevant policy documents and organize the nationwide promotion.



Previously, in order to promote the mutual promotion and common development of e-commerce and logistics express industry, the Ministry of Commerce, together with the Ministry of Finance and the State Post Office, selected some cities to carry out pilot projects for the coordinated development of e-commerce and logistics express delivery.



According to the Ministry of Commerce, about 80% of China's online retailing is realized by express delivery, and the express volume generated by online retail accounts for nearly 60% of the express business volume.



"Overall, the pilot work has effectively improved the level of logistics express services, improved the collaborative efficiency of e-commerce and logistics express enterprises, and promoted the better and faster development of e-commerce in China." The person in charge of the Ministry of Commerce said.



"In the past three years, the pilot work has formed a number of replicable and promotional experience," said the person in charge of the Ministry of Commerce. Specifically, the first is to innovate the management system. The pilot cities have simplified the procedures for setting up branches of express enterprises, simplified the procedures for access to express terminal outlets, and incorporated express service outlets into the infrastructure of four types of community services, namely, new residential areas, commercial areas, development zones and old city reconstruction.



In addition, the overall planning of express network. The pilot city has completed the construction of 23 logistics express parks, 25 express processing centers, more than 2600 terminal service outlets and nearly 7000 sets of intelligent express boxes, forming a logistics express service network with clear hierarchy and orderly connection.



In terms of standardizing the management of distribution vehicles, the pilot cities have strengthened the standardized management of express vehicles, unified vehicle model standards and identification, unified special number section, and on this basis, gave express vehicles convenient access policy.



In terms of improving the terminal service capacity, the pilot cities accelerated the layout and promotion of intelligent express boxes in government organs, enterprises and institutions, saved delivery costs by nearly 30%, guided the cooperation of express delivery enterprises, technical service enterprises, chain business institutions, communities and universities, integrated the express terminal delivery business, and built an intensive, efficient, open and innovative terminal comprehensive distribution system.



In fact, the new logistics model represented by smart logistics is in the ascendant, including Amazon, HNA cloud business and other e-commerce enterprises are also laying out smart logistics.



"Take the example of intelligent logistics. For example, to transport an engine to a factory, this is B2B service. The service we can provide is that after the order is generated, we can help the order to finance. After the order enters the warehouse, we have a series of repeated minimum guarantee work, and can provide a series of other services such as credit reference and insurance. That is to say, after car service has been extended to supply chain finance, which has already had solid support. " Cheng Dan, President of cloud business intelligent logistics, believes that the current global economic environment is changing, and the market environment is changing. China's logistics is still in the stage of 4.0, which mainly relies on data and technology to win.



Recently, Amazon has launched a number of innovative measures around the world, including functional warehousing, terminal distribution, and "driverless" intelligent supply chain system.



For example, at the level of intelligent warehouse operation, in addition to a variety of automation technologies such as rocker arm robots, automatic sorting lines, intelligent computing and recommended packaging, Amazon has also taken the lead in enabling Kiva robots with small size and heavy load for storage and picking. Currently, Amazon has deployed 100000 Kiva robots around the world.



Based on the intelligent and automatic inventory management system of Amazon, we can automatically and automatically forecast the supply chain of large-scale goods based on the intelligent and automatic inventory management system of Amazon. The system has been adopted globally, including in China.



Looking forward to the future, Xue Xiaolin, global vice president of Amazon and President of Amazon Global Logistics China, believes that e-commerce globalization will bring "a new round of e-commerce logistics revolution", which will drive the accelerated construction of global logistics capacity. Among them, the global intelligent supply chain is very important to the integration and innovation of new technology and global resources. "With the accelerated development of cross-border e-commerce, the distribution of global logistics resources in the future will more obviously break through the limitations of regional boundaries. Only with the help of global intelligent supply chain can we effectively complete the integration and innovation of new technologies and global resources."


Reprinted from: Sichuan Modern Logistics Association