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Xiaoshan to build Hangzhou modern logistics innovation and development core area
Author:B-smart Technology(Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Date:2020/7/17 9:06:48

Our district recently released the 13th five year plan for the development of modern logistics industry in Xiaoshan District. The plan proposes that by 2020, a modern logistics service system with reasonable layout, advanced technology, convenient and efficient, green and orderly safety and order will be basically established, and its dominant position in Xiaoshan service industry and its fundamental role in the national economy will be further highlighted, and Xiaoshan will be built into the core area of "Hangzhou modern logistics innovation and development pilot city".


Modern logistics industry


Logistics information trading center, intelligent vehicle source center, freight bus terminal, storage and distribution center, management service center and supporting service center of tertiary industry Such standardized functional configuration creates an intelligent ecosystem of people, vehicles and goods, making the highway port of ChuanHua particularly conspicuous.


In recent years, some logistics enterprises in our district have changed from providing single transportation and warehousing services to providing all-round, multi-level and integrated services, from simple logistics business contracting to developing professional logistics services according to customers' needs, and from traditional self-supporting business to specialized third-party logistics.


Such changes can also be seen from a group of data: "during the 12th Five Year Plan", the logistics industry in our district developed rapidly. In 2015, the added value of the logistics industry reached 6.803 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.3%. The added value of the logistics industry accounted for 8.5% of the added value of the service industry in the whole region; the freight volume reached 57 million tons, with a year-on-year growth of 5.3%.


At the same time, the agglomeration effect of logistics industry in Xiaoshan has become increasingly prominent, and three logistics parks have been formed. Xiaoshan International Airport Logistics Park and airport logistics park with the airport as the core will be built into a 100 billion level airport intelligent logistics park with Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, e-commerce, network finance and cross-border trade; the domestic leading intelligent highway logistics park, mainly based on the ChuanHua highway port, has constructed an ecological circle of "vehicles, people, goods and yards" to realize two groups of highway logistics China's Internet plus electricity supplier has one belt, one road, and the other is the Internet. Hangzhou has promoted the development of modern logistics to the fast track of e-commerce.

In recent years, with the development of Internet plus innovation, the emergence of new generation of information technology, such as Internet of things, mobile intelligence, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, has further promoted the development of modern logistics industry in Xiaoshan. At present, our district has many professional logistics websites, such as ChuanHua logistics website and water transportation online, providing various information services for various logistics operators.


Building the core area of modern logistics development


During the 13th Five Year Plan period, Xiaoshan will focus on improving logistics efficiency, reducing logistics costs, reducing resource and environmental pressure, and focus on improving the quality and efficiency of logistics supply, promoting the integrated development of logistics industry with modern agriculture, advanced manufacturing industry and other service industries, and focusing on establishing and improving modern times Logistics service system, accelerate the improvement of the development level of logistics industry, promote the regional integrated development of intelligent logistics, create a modern logistics service system with manufacturing logistics and airport logistics as the leading, and coordinate the development of urban and rural distribution logistics, e-commerce logistics, agricultural products cold chain logistics and other professional logistics; adjust and optimize the spatial layout of service industry, and accelerate the promotion of key platforms and key items Aim to build a national smart logistics center and a core area of modern logistics innovation and development in Hangzhou.


In terms of the spatial layout of logistics, Xiaoshan will give full play to its advantages in aviation, railway, highway and water transportation. Relying on the logistics base, logistics center and other important nodes, it will strengthen the construction of logistics channels, develop multimodal transport, and create a convenient, efficient and strong radiation regional logistics network system, which will affect and radiate the economic development of Hangzhou and even the Yangtze River Delta region. Efforts should be made to build a spatial development pattern of "one core, two regions and multiple nodes" with airport logistics city as the core, Southern Railway Logistics City and ChuanHua intelligent logistics city as support, and multi type logistics nodes as carrier, so as to extend and radiate Hangzhou Bay area, Yangtze River Delta region and even the whole country.


It is reported that by 2020, the total revenue of the logistics industry will reach 36 billion yuan, and the added value of the logistics industry will double that of 2015, exceeding 13 billion yuan. The added value of the logistics industry will grow by about 15% annually. At the same time, the level of logistics informatization and supply chain management has been significantly improved, and the ability of integrated operation and network operation has been further improved. China has built a leading large-scale integrated logistics information center platform and formed 1-2 regional logistics headquarters base enterprises.


Source: Xiaoshan industrial network