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Renovate savage sorting and create demonstration project
Author:B-smart Technology(Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Date:2020/7/17 8:25:06

 Three requirements and 11 key tasks were put forward at the 2017 national postal market supervision conference


In the past year, express "black horse" forward, made proud achievements. It has supported more than 4 trillion yuan of online retail sales, accounting for 12.5% of the total retail sales of consumer goods, and created more than 200000 new jobs. It has played a positive role in stabilizing growth, promoting reform, adjusting the structure, benefiting people's livelihood and preventing risks. But with the rapid growth, risks are also slowly accumulating.


How to guide enterprises to get rid of homogeneous competition and realize diversified development? How to put an end to "illegal sorting" and effectively improve the quality of express service? How to protect the safety of the industry through the application of science and technology? The 2017 national postal market supervision work conference held in Tianjin on February 23-24 answered the above questions one by one, and set the goal for this year's postal market supervision.


The meeting pointed out that the express delivery industry, as an important part of modern service industry, is in a period of strategic opportunities with great prospects. The postal administration departments at all levels should thoroughly implement the spirit of the central economic work conference and the national postal management work conference, firmly establish and implement the development ideas of "opening up the upstream and downstream, expanding the industrial chain, drawing the heart circle of Datong, and building the ecological circle", comprehensively promote the optimization of the supply side structure of the express industry, improve the service quality and efficiency, ensure the stable and progressive development trend, and comprehensively establish the safe development We should carry out the responsibility of safety management, ensure the continuous improvement of the security guarantee ability of delivery, comprehensively improve the service supervision ability, scientifically respond to the new business forms and new models of market development, correctly handle the three relationships, solve the three problems, ensure the innovation and success of the industry supervision, and meet the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements.


For the key work of postal market supervision in 2017, the meeting put forward three requirements and deployed 11 key tasks.

First, deepen the structural reform of the supply side of express delivery industry and consolidate the development trend. We will continue to implement the "opinions of the State Council on promoting the development of express delivery industry" and relevant industrial policies, comprehensively implement the 13th five year plan for the development of express industry, and actively promote the implementation of key projects; continue to strengthen collaborative development and demonstration guidance, and timely start the construction of "one place, one product" of national express service and the establishment of National Express demonstration park; and We will continue to promote the construction of terminal service capacity in urban and rural areas, improve the "on-board" and "boarding" capacity of express delivery, and accelerate the "outward" development of express delivery.


In order to steadily carry out the construction of express demonstration city, Jieyang municipal Party committee and government of Guangdong Province, making full use of the industrial advantages of clothing, medicinal materials and jade products, takes e-commerce as a new starting point to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, actively implements the "express +" project, promotes the development of express industry, and realizes the "small city" to walk out of the "big express" road. In the demonstration work of express service for modern agriculture, 60 cities in China enthusiastically declared. Seven excellent projects, including Yangcheng Lake hairy crab, Baise mango and Gannan navel orange, were selected as the first batch of demonstration projects. The demonstration work of express service manufacturing industry is also in-depth promotion. Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Henan and Shaanxi provinces have expanded the scope of pilot projects, the construction of industrial linkage project library has been carried out in an all-round way, and the statistical system has been initially established.


Second, overcome difficulties and firmly hold the bottom line of security development. We should continue to improve the safety supervision system and working mechanism, promote the establishment of provincial post industry safety leading group, and strengthen the implementation of territorial responsibility; gradually improve the quantitative index system of enterprise safety evaluation, explore the dual prevention mechanism of enterprise security risk classification control and hidden danger investigation and management; continue to effectively promote the implementation of "three systems" and the construction of "Green Shield" project Step up the implementation of safety production responsibility and emergency management, and ensure the safety during major activities.


20522 registered express employees, 144 filing enterprises, 3500 registered vehicles, 1532 express outlets The data of Tianjin express enterprises are displayed on the big screen one by one. In addition to discussion and discussion, participants were also organized to visit Tianjin postal information center and Tianjin Free Trade Zone postal management office. The comprehensive information coverage, intuitive data presentation and rapid network transmission make people feel the changes brought by science and technology to the safety supervision work.


The improvement of the informatization level of express enterprises means that in promoting the safety work of the industry, postal administrations at all levels should also strengthen the supervision ability by improving the application level of new technologies. With the promotion of the "Green Shield" project, the increasing investment of express enterprises in the field of security, and the research and development and promotion of real name receiving and sending system, the safety supervision means of postal administration department will be more "scientific and technological", and the security guarantee ability of the whole industry will be further improved.


The third is to innovate the concept of supervision and improve the ability of governance according to law. We should persist in promoting the reform of "release, management and service" in the express industry, promote the implementation of "one license and multiple locations", support the innovation and development of market entities, and create a good atmosphere for the express industry to help "entrepreneurship and innovation"; comprehensively strengthen the in-process and after-sales supervision, comprehensively implement the "double random" system of daily law enforcement inspection, basically eliminate the confusion of "placing stalls" at the end, and basically realize the "no landing and no throwing" of parcels In the construction of credit system, we should organize the implementation of express assured consumption project, and effectively solve the service problems strongly reflected by the masses; we should strengthen the management of negative list of market access, improve the mechanism of administrative law enforcement and information disclosure, and strengthen the management of information disclosure.


After the Spring Festival in 2017, "people's Daily" continuously published "people's concern · problems in the rapid growth of express industry", reflecting the demands and aspirations of a large number of users for express delivery services; the recent backlog of express delivery in Yuantong outlets has aroused widespread concern of the media and the public; in the consumer complaints and express service satisfaction survey, complaints about express loss and damage compensation have been reported The proportion remains high


In this regard, the meeting stressed that "matters concerning people's livelihood, seemingly trivial, are major events. Some of these matters need to be dealt with resolutely in accordance with the law and regulations, while others are strongly reflected by the society, and they must be actively responded to. We must not protect, soften or tolerate express delivery service problems that are strongly reflected by the masses. We must comprehensively strengthen the quality supervision of express delivery services and fully safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. "


The meeting pointed out that in this year's work, special rectification activities of "savage sorting" will be organized and carried out. Through the video monitoring system of Municipal Bureau, real-time monitoring of sorting centers and large-scale business places of express enterprises will be carried out, and the "savage sorting" behavior will be gradually eliminated. In addition, it is necessary to handle seven practical matters that are closer to the people's livelihood in the postal industry, especially the two "hard tasks" of basically eliminating the chaos of "placing stalls" at the end and basically realizing the "no landing and no throwing" of parcels, so as to improve the service level of express enterprises and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.


Source: China Post Express