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What are the advantages of belt conveyor
Author:B-smart Technology(Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Date:2015/8/27 16:48:44
Belt conveyor is a kind of good performance of the continuous conveyor, he can be in a certain range, and in accordance with the requirements of the material transportation technology, from the initial feed to the final discharge can be stable for the completion of the delivery process, then belt conveyor is what are the advantages? Here is a summary of you:
1, the belt conveyor can not stop in the same direction in the transport of non material, loading and unloading, there is no need to stop the machine, can be high speed, so it has a very high production efficiency;
2, because the conveyor belt feeding evenly, stable operation speed, working process, the consumption of power changes little. Therefore, the power driving device is relatively small.
3. The difference of the maximum load of the belt conveyor in Chongqing is small, so the calculation load is small.