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Analysis on control algorithm of CST system of belt conveyor
Author:B-smart Technology(Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Date:2015/8/27 16:25:00
With the development of modern science and technology, the belt conveyor uses all kinds of automatic control to achieve the perfect transport of materials. CST monitoring system is the most widely used, which uses the CST system to support a variety of communication functions, the composition of its transmission system including power supply module, CPU hardware module, switch input and output module, relay contact output module, analog input and output module, high-speed counter module and communication module.
PID algorithm formula for belt conveyor in CST control:
Where: Kc - the proportion of the controller coefficient; - the recovery of the integral coefficient;
Td =SP-PV ratio; (E) SP;
PV process variable.
CST control in the PID instruction is a composite program module, the module in the framework of the more functional requirements of the functional requirements set up the functional requirements of the PID controller in a closed-loop system. Compared with the integrity of the program, this program module PID instruction system greatly reduces the workload of the programmer, reduce errors, increase the reliability of the system.
Belt conveyor
The initial parameters of the PID must be set, and the three control parameters are essential, which are mapped to three specific words in the 23 running parameters. After the update Loop, mode Control and other parameters are set, the SCP instruction set PV, CV range, and then transferred to the PID instruction, and then according to the PID algorithm to calculate the output, and then put the value of the control output into N7:39, the final use of the MOV command to carry out the numerical transformation, pass to the analog output module, PID instruction.
CST master slave driver control system parameter setting method is a kind of curved cascade control system. The system is in the cascade control system, and the system is in a series of working state. The whole parameters are adjusted according to the loop mode. Parameters tuning using the following steps.
1, the closure of the main, the sub loop, the proportion of the proportion of the controller, the maximum of the time, the differential time is minimum, the ratio of the proportion of the four ratio of to one, the proportion of 2S and the oscillation period T2S.
2, when the ratio of the secondary variables is 2S, the same method and the state of the main controller parameters, the four is more than one of the attenuation of vibration, the main variable ratio 1S and the oscillation period T1S.
3, combined with the main and auxiliary variables in the first two steps to determine the proportion of degree and the period of oscillation, with selection of main and auxiliary controller, 1s, t1s, 2S, T2S substitution single loop control system of whole set set formula can be calculated in the main and auxiliary control parameters of Ti and TD.
4, finally the controller of all parameters in accordance with the first deputy master, after the first proportional integral, the order of the final differential set, then verify the running curve, not appropriate place can be fine tuned.
In the CST control system, the PID control method is very important to determine the parameters of each loop. These parameters affect the performance of the whole system, and then affect the reliability and safety of the belt conveyor. The software of the PID parameter setting is very important, and the parameters of the system are very important in the practical design.
CST control system in the operation of the system, can be combined with the specific situation of the unit, select the reasonable PID parameters download to the SLC500, and then start the CST master slave control system. In the running of the belt conveyor with the original RSTREND curve is measured and recorded, after curve analysis, belt conveyor speed, control, adjustment and a series of actions are in line with the given curve, the CST control coefficient is better to achieve the soft, soft stop function, the transport system is running well.