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Author:B-smart Technology(Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Date:2020/7/17 13:56:19

——Summary and commendation in 2019 and new year's meeting in 2020



On the afternoon of January 15, 2020, the year-end summing up meeting and 2020 New Year Party of Beifen technology were held ceremoniously. The whole annual meeting was divided into three units, rich in content and novel in form. All colleagues from Hangzhou headquarters and Shenzhen Office of the company got together for a party.


Unit 1: annual meeting theme League building activities


From 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., the theme group building activities of the annual meeting are carried out in an orderly manner in the game, with teaching and entertainment, so that the participating partners can grow and enlighten in the game. The first link of League Building: ice breaking and team building. Through the two projects of face painting and fruit jigsaw puzzle, team members can deepen their understanding of each other and achieve team victory through external cooperation; the second link: tangtu, which simulates the company, sends back the responsibilities of leaders and functional departments. Although the game is not successful, the game enlightens the team to establish goals and divide work and cooperate Thinking, the idea of building cross departmental communication and cooperation has been publicized and implemented in every member's heart; the third link: the challenge of 180 seconds is not ng, the internal communication and cooperation of the team, improve efficiency, strive to achieve the goal and win the victory; the fourth link: 60 seconds, win-win team, competition is human nature, cooperation is the wisdom of the team.


Unit 2: summary and commendation in 2019


At 5:30 p.m., the 2019 annual summary meeting opened in the wonderful speech of the host. Looking back on the days we have gone hand in hand in 2019, success is accompanied by sweat, harvest is accompanied by hardship, and regret inspires struggle. First of all, all the staff watched the video of the summary of Beifen technology in 2019, and had a clear understanding of the performance and achievements of the whole year, so as to make full preparations for the smooth implementation of the work in 2020.


Then, the heads of each department made a comprehensive and objective summary of the work of the Department, and put forward the department work plan for 2020. Next, Mr. Zhao made a summary report on the development of the company in 2019, and signed the sales system with all sales personnel. At the same time, Mr. Zhao has brought us the work target of 2020. Under the leadership of Mr. Zhao, all the staff have made a joint oath and high morale, making a good start for the new year.


The development and progress of the company can not be separated from the efforts of every Beifen family. A group of excellent employees have emerged around us. The vice general manager of the company has awarded the outstanding nomination award, and the general manager, Mr. Zhao, has awarded the honorary certificate and bonus to the outstanding employees, growth star, loyal star, service star and new star of the company. They have harvested the fruits of growth and honor with their hard work 。


Unit 3: welcome to the new year 2020


All the staff enjoy the delicious food and have a warm and harmonious atmosphere. While enjoying the delicious food, colleagues brought a variety of programs and performances. The beautiful songs and beautiful dances made all colleagues indulge in them and relax themselves. In addition, the exciting lottery and wonderful game interaction let the whole Party climax repeatedly.


The whole annual meeting was successfully concluded in the chorus of "true heroes" by the management staff. I wish everyone can live as their own heroes, fight for themselves and fight for Beifen. The annual meeting showed the energetic, positive and enterprising spirit of Beifen staff. Looking forward to 2020, we hope that we can break through ourselves, actively innovate and forge ahead, and create Beifen brilliant together.