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[perspective] Li Pengwei: strategic positioning of free trade zone and national logistics hub city construction
Author:B-smart Technology(Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Date:2020/7/17 13:53:39

The cadre training of "practical exploration and Research on innovative development mode of pilot free trade zone" was held in Hebei pilot free trade zone from November 28 to 29 A kind of Held in Caofeidian area. The activities were attended by the leaders in charge of the four leading groups and relevant departments, the staff of the district free trade office, the comprehensive bonded zone, Nanpu Development Zone, Xincheng Management Committee, chemical park management committee, steel and power park management committee, deputy leaders above the county level, leading cadres of the management Committee at or above the deputy section level, enterprise leaders in the area, publicity department, organization department, district Party committee office, government office and development and reform department Responsible persons of the examination and approval personnel of the relevant departments of the Investment Promotion Bureau, the Rural Finance Bureau, the Finance Bureau, the relevant departments of the Rural Finance Bureau, the responsible persons of the relevant departments, such as the leaders of the Investment Promotion Bureau, the Rural Finance Bureau, the Finance Bureau, and the relevant departments.


CMCEC should be invited to attend the event. According to the arrangement of the organizing committee, Professor Li Pengwei, known as "the first person of China's logistics planning, China's regional thinker" and "case oriented" expert of national parks, gave a special lecture on "exploration and Research on the construction of pilot free trade zone and national logistics hub city", which is divided into six parts. Due to the large volume and large content of the courseware, the editor will share it with friends according to each part of PPT.


Part VI

Strategic positioning of free trade zone and national logistics hub city construction


One belt, one road of China's free trade zone, is officially listed as a key link between coordinated development and "one belt and one road" national strategy. It will seize the opportunity of the free trade zone and accelerate the development of the economic cooperation leading zone and the port economic innovation demonstration zone, and promote the development of hub economy, logistics, trade and quality. At present, one belt, one road, 8 main roads, has been built through the "one belt and one way" road. It has been directly connected to Europe through the first and Second Eurasian Continental bridges. The central European train has been opened, and a multimodal transport system has been formed, which is highway, railway and sea transportation. The biggest advantage of the coastal free trade zone is to build from the port and prosper according to the port. It has the national strategic support, good development foundation, broad development space and efficient business environment.


"One belt, one road", the construction of free trade zones and the construction of national logistics hub have been stacked up, providing a good opportunity for the city to make good use of hub resources and develop hub economy. It is of great significance to the high-quality development of economy. The strategic positioning of the construction of free trade zone and national logistics hub is based on the international supply chain hub level.


Case analysis: China material policy is responsible for planning the logistics and supply chain hub in southern China, namely Guangqing airport modern logistics industry new town, and the city upgrading version of high-quality development under the integration strategy of Guangzhou (prefecture) and Qing (yuan).


In the future, 80% of the national logistics parks will be closer to the railway (the state has deployed the "joint development plan of transportation and logistics" from 2018). It is necessary to achieve the project value with the hub, maximize the scale service in the project development, vigorously enhance and enlarge the project service efficiency, and clarify the relationship with the surrounding areas. International logistics and supply chain hub should seriously study its own water, land and air resources to realize the connection of resources, production, consumption and service, otherwise the value of the hub will be difficult to realize.


Development suggestions: Hebei pilot Free Trade Zone A kind of Caofeidian area as an example (omitted)


We will fully rely on the existing development foundation and advantages of the port, make full use of the platform of the free trade zone, innovate the trading system of bulk commodities and spot markets, and promote international commodity trading. We will build a high standard and high-quality free trade park with free and convenient trade and investment, high-end high-tech industrial agglomeration, open and innovative financial services, inclusive and prudent government governance, and highly coordinated regional development. With the development of the pilot free trade zone to the deep-water zone of reform and opening-up, it will surely lead the transformation and upgrading and high-quality development of inland port area and coastal pilot Free Trade Zone, and accelerate efforts to achieve the grand goal.


To find the most suitable positioning method for the strategic direction of urban development. The perspective is the service base for the development of logistics industry. The most suitable strategic direction for future development is to coordinate the strategic position, layout, function and other factors in the logistics channel network, so as to position the development of logistics hub cities. Considering the development strategy of international logistics and supply chain hub from the perspective of urban macro development. The development strategy of international logistics and supply chain hub area should be considered based on the macro development level of the city. From the macro level, we should grasp the nature, orientation and orientation of urban development, and pay attention to the spatial structure, ecological pattern and transportation system of land use.


Relying on the advantages of resources, location and free trade zone policies, we will build a logistics hub city. The core competitiveness of international logistics and supply chain hub is evaluated based on the convergence ability of business flow, logistics, capital flow and information flow of hub cities, including radiation scope and capacity. The project forms the development strategic idea of "building logistics hub based on resource advantage, location advantage and free trade zone policy advantage".


Development path, undertake industrial transfer, active industrial upgrading. To undertake the industrial transfer of trade service industry in international frontier cities, integrate the resources of small and medium-sized production enterprises, connect the resources of advantageous production enterprises, provide them with a complete set of brand and product planning and marketing scheme services, enhance the brand development awareness and market recognition of the industry in the economic circle, and alleviate the vicious circle of price competition. Supply chain finance, closely following the demand of supply and demand, creates a supply chain service platform, keeps abreast of the consumer market trends at different levels and regions at home and abroad, connects with the consumption demand of accelerating urbanization, and through the comprehensive docking with suppliers and logistics information platform of the park, it can provide the whole process management and decision-making information in the production, storage, transportation, distribution, cross-border procurement and distribution of products Visualization, intelligence. Build big data platform, and tap the value of Internet plus traditional industries. Relying on the new generation of information technology and intelligent facilities and equipment, build e-commerce logistics big data service platform, provide production, distribution, e-commerce, logistics big data services for the upstream and downstream enterprises of the supply chain, optimize the resource allocation of the upgrading industry, and comprehensively tap the big data value of the industry. It is an important platform to integrate into the collaborative development and realize the rise by borrowing.


China's one belt, one road, is to build a resource gathering center, a global supply chain service center, a financial service center, a big data center and an information technology center, and to build digital trade and cross border trade doors. It will take the "one belt" Digital Trade and cross-border electricity supplier industry development and innovation as an opportunity and engine to drive the outward oriented economic development and realize the transformation of traditional industries. Upgrade and build a strong digital trade city. The layout idea, in the new round of development, will stimulate the city to transform into a hub city of logistics and supply chain. With the hub and node to achieve the value of the city, to maximize the scale of service in the city's economic development.

End of serial 1-6.


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[introduction to the lecturer]


Professor Li Pengwei is a famous expert in China, an expert in urban development strategy and industrial park planning in China, and a practical leader in the research and application field of e-commerce logistics in China. He is known as the "first person of logistics planning in China", "thinker of China Park" and "case study". At present, he is vice president of China logistics planning and Research Institute and China logistics strategy (Beijing) Engineering Technology Research Institute, and core expert of China logistics and supply chain think tank. He is also a part-time national and Provincial Industry Association, association and chamber of Commerce. It has the largest number of successful and classic cases in China's industrial parks, directed 500 projects, was rated as "the most influential person in China's logistics industry", "China's outstanding logistics experts", and was included in the list of outstanding experts by the national science and education "and" Chinese scholars ". He has published nearly 20 books, including logistics planning, logistics real estate, e-commerce, express delivery, etc., and published hundreds of academic papers and dozens of national award-winning projects and papers.

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