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Applicable environmental conditions of sorter
Author:B-smart Technology(Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Date:2020/7/17 11:10:30

Sorter is to sort goods. Generally, there are a lot of them in logistics. Domestic well-known logistics companies have their own unique automatic sorting system, which saves a lot of time for transporting goods. It can sort more than 2000 pieces a day. What are the applicable conditions of the sorting machine?


Big investment


The automatic sorting system itself needs to build a mechanical transmission line of 40 ~ 50 meters in length and 150 ~ 200 meters in length, as well as supporting electromechanical integrated control system, computer network and communication system. This system not only covers a large area, but also covers more than 20000 square meters, and the general automatic sorting system is built in the automatic main warehouse, so it is necessary to build a three-dimensional warehouse with a height of 3 ~ 4 floors It needs to be equipped with various automatic handling facilities, which is no less than the hardware investment required to establish a modern chemical plant. It will take 10-20 years to recover the huge advance investment. If there is no reliable source of goods to guarantee, it may lead to problems in the operation of the enterprise and even unable to operate. Most of the systems are invested by large production enterprises or large professional logistics companies, and small enterprises are unable to make such investment.




The automatic sorter is only suitable for sorting goods with flat bottom and rigid packing rules. Bagged goods, soft and uneven bottom of the package, easy deformation, easy damage, super long, ultra-thin, overweight, ultra-high, can not be sorted by ordinary automatic sorting machine. Therefore, in order to make most of the goods can be automatically sorted by machinery, two measures can be taken: one is to implement standardized packaging to make most of the packaging of goods conform to the requirements The second is to customize the specific sorter according to the unified packaging characteristics of most of the goods sorted. However, it is very difficult for all suppliers to implement the national packaging standards. Customized close-up sorters will increase the cost of hardware, and the more special the sorter is, the worse its versatility will be. Therefore, the company should determine whether to build or what kind of automatic sorting system should be built according to the packaging of commodities.


The emergence of the sorter solves the workload that cannot be completed manually. The sorting machine greatly improves the work efficiency, and the logistics delivery time is also shortened to 3-7 days.