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Working principle and characteristics of sorting machine
Author:B-smart Technology(Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Date:2020/7/17 11:09:13

The R & D and application of sorting machine is of great significance to the business and logistics industry. The improvement of work efficiency is not only a little bit, but also a key factor in improving the efficiency of the distribution industry. Nowadays, there are more and more types of sorters, and businesses can choose more and more types of sorters. Today, I'm going to tell you about the working principle and operation of sorting machines characteristic.


The automatic sorting machine is generally composed of conveying machinery part, electrical automatic control part and computer information system. According to the user's requirements and site conditions, it can automatically sort, pack and seal cigarettes, medicines, goods and materials according to users, place names and product names. Mechanical conveying equipment is designed and customized according to the shape, volume and weight of the transported articles.


Features of sorter:


1. It can sort goods continuously and in large quantities. Due to the adoption of automatic production line operation mode used in large-scale production, the automatic sorting system is not limited by climate, time and human physical strength, and can operate continuously. At the same time, due to the large number of pieces sorted per unit time, the sorting capacity of the automatic sorting system is more than 100 hours, and can sort 7000 pieces of packaged goods per hour.


2. The error rate of sorting is very low. The sorting error rate of automatic sorting system mainly depends on the accuracy of the input sorting information, which in turn depends on the input mechanism of sorting information. If manual keyboard or speech recognition mode is used, the error rate is more than 3%. If the barcode scanning input is used, the error rate will not be wrong unless the barcode printing itself is wrong. Therefore, the current automatic sorting system mainly uses barcode technology to identify goods.


3. The sorting operation is basically unmanned. One of the purposes of establishing automatic sorting system in foreign countries is to reduce the use of personnel, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and improve the use efficiency of personnel. Therefore, the automatic sorting system can minimize the use of personnel and basically achieve unmanned.


The wide application of sorter can also see the rapid development of science and technology in China. I believe that sorting opportunities will have greater development and application in the near future.